Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Re Rhagium bifasciatum

Adrian Fowles sent me the following........"The only Pembs record we have for R. bifasciatum is Stackpole in Nov 2002 . It is a common species in Wales and its 'absence' from Pembs really just reflects the fact that there hasn't been any resident coleopterist in the county for centuries! Visiting coleopterists nearly always focus on the coast. I'd guess that NMW must have had bifasciatum at Ty Canol when they ran malaise traps in the 90s. It must also be present inPengelli Forest".

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sightings from Joyce Jones, South Ceredigion close to the Pembrokeshire border

No moths in my trap during January.
February – Common Quaker, Dotted Border, Hebrew Character, Early Grey, Dark Chestnut

March - Hebrew Character, Oak Beauty, Twin Spot Quaker. Early Grey, Common Quaker.
( Red Chestnut and Lead Coloured Drab – not positively identified)

Noise from bees bumble bees high on a pussy willow.
Only 1 peacock butterfly so far.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Rhagium bifasciatum in Pembs

In reply to the Rhagium bifasciatum question, yes I have found the species in the county before I had assumed it was relatively common! There is some info on longhorns and their distribution in British Wildlife vol 18 number 6.
'Taxonomic chauvinism threatens the future of entomology': Great article in TheBiologist about the lack of entomologists and entomolgical research in the UK available at http://www.iob.org/userfiles/File/biologist_archive/Biol_56_1_IMV.pdf

Sarah Beynon


I spotted a Bloody-nosed beetle at Solva on 16th Feb and another couple atWhitesands on the 17th. The couple of warm days must have woken them up!Otherwise, a couple of small tortoiseshells in the garden... Also, while looking though some material I collected last year, I came across 2longhorn beetles: Rhagium bifasciatum. The longhorn atlas says there are no previous records for the county - has anyone got any other Pembs records

Sarah Beynon

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Early observations

This year so far I have seen one or two bumble bees on the wing and a Peacock butterfly. Ants active along the coast and dung flies out on sunny days..........anyone had anything better?