Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I found a few Dark Green Fritillaries towards the end of June on the coast path between Trefasser Cross and Strumble head. Also some metallic green moths about the size of the common blue butterfly. I think they may be foresters has anyone else seen them?
Ceredigion- butterflies
Meadow browns and ringlets are fairly numerous on the transects I monitor inspite of bad summers in 2007,2008. Skippers and common blues are around but few in number, small tortoiseshells, peacocks and small coppers are rare this year. Maybe the second flight season will be better.
poplar hawkmoths, privit hawkmoths and elephant hawkmoths have all been in the trap in June.
Also lychnis, silverground carpet, white banded and garden carpets, brimstones, phoenix, pebble prominent, blood veins, buff and white ermines. small magpie, poplar grey, green and grey arches, coxcomb prominent and willow beauties.

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