Monday, 10 August 2009

July - Early August

Good to see others are observing a mass of butterflies on sunny days. After bad summers in 2007 2008 I have been surprised at the numbers on my transects. Tortoiseshells and peacocks and common blues are in short supply.
Walking along the Ceredigion coast path from Mwnt towards Aberporth there were masses on a large patch of knapweed. They were mostly whites and very fresh painted ladies with the odd tortoiseshell and peacocks as well as gatekeepers and meadow browns. Small coppers were fairly
numerous in the short grass on the path itself.

I haven't trapped so many footman moths this year and haven't seen a buff tip for a couple of years. There have been more poplar hawkmoths than usual also brussels lace and willow beauties. There have been several prominents - pebble,pale and coxcombs

For the past two years I have looked for the marmalade hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus without much success. There are plenty around in my garden this year - maybe because I decided lawns were a waste of time and let the grass and wild flowers grow.

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